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Skopje City Tours

Skopje City Tour: This is a comprehensive tour of the city, likely covering its major landmarks, historical sites, and cultural attractions.

Skopje Walking Tour: A walking tour is an excellent way to explore the city on foot, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in its atmosphere, architecture, and local life.

Skopje Matka Tours: Matka is a popular tourist destination near Skopje known for its picturesque canyon and Matka Lake. These tours likely involve exploring the natural beauty of the area, possibly including boat rides on the lake and visits to caves such as Vrelo Cave.

Visiting Millennium Cross with Cable Car: The Millennium Cross is a famous landmark overlooking Skopje, and reaching it via cable car provides stunning views of the city and surrounding landscape.

Walking through Skopje Old Bazaar: The Old Bazaar is one of Skopje’s most historic and vibrant districts, featuring narrow streets, traditional architecture, shops, and markets. A guided walk through this area offers insight into its rich cultural heritage and significance.

Boat Drive and Visit Cave Vrelo in Canyon Matka: This likely refers to a specific part of the Matka tour where visitors take a boat ride on Matka Lake and then explore Vrelo Cave, known for its underground lakes and rock formations.


Skopje City Tour – The Best of Skopje

10 Hours
Availability : 01st Jan - 31st Dec

Skopje Canyon Matka Tour

7 Hours
Availability : 01st Jan - 31st Dec

Taste the Best of Skopje – Food & Tour

Half day tour
Availability : Jan 17' - Dec 18'

Skopje City Tour With Lunch

Half Day tour
Availability : Jan 17' - Dec 18'

Skopje City Tour – Walking Tour

4 Hours
Availability : 01st Jan - 31st Dec

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